Things Not to Do When Cycling

When you are just starting on cycling, you must be very careful not to get too excited about riding your bike and racing to the sunset. You must keep in mind that with every sport comes a list of precautions. You do not want to be on your first cycling event only to end up full of injuries. You also do not want your first cycling activity to be your last. The bike that you bought through voucher codes from online shops like Lazada and Zalora will only be placed on the garage for a long time if you do not heed our call.


Human Shieldcycling race

If this is your first race, you might be thinking of using a competitor in front of you as a human shield to prevent the draft and the wind from hitting you. You feel some sort of protection and there will be relative ease when you are on your race throughout the whole competition. This can be great at the start but if you keep on doing this, you may be in for an accident waiting to happen. It will also make your competitor very uneasy because someone is shadowing his every move.

Passing Swiftly on a Narrow Path

Yes, you want to win. But this should not be at the expense of someone going to an accident. When you a narrow path, it is quite unsafe to pass someone quickly. It will take someone off guard. Worse, it will cause him to swerve and create a chain of accidents that started with just the two of you.


Using Insider Terms on Conversations

This is particularly annoying if you are in conversations with people who are not into cycling. You will be using words like hammer down, or half wheeling even if they do not have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. This is okay if you are educating people or introducing them to the world of cycling. But if you are just showing off with your new-found sport, you should stop doing that right away. It is rude and quite disrespectful toward other people.