Pajottenland is a region in the Flemish Bravant that is west southwest of Brussels. It is filled with steep hills and rivers. When you go to this region, it feels like you are regularly receiving voucher codes from online shops like Lazada and Zalora because of the beauty and majesty of nature. It is amazing that such a place truly exists in one of the beautiful countries in the world, that is, Belgium. If you are visiting the country this year, it is for your best interest to include Pajottenland in your itinerary to experience the wonder of the region.


Pajottenland is best known for being the cycling paradise of Belgium. Cyclists from all over the world go to this place and bring their bicycles to experience the unique offering of this region to cyclists. If you do not have a bicycle of your own, you can find numerous rental bikes around the area so that you can get one for yourself. Circle around the hills and slopes as you experience the fresh scent of nature. See the grass and the trees which adorn the sides of your tracks. Chill with your friends and family as you ride the road from sunrise to sunset.

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