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Pajottenland is recognized as the cycling paradise in Belgium. And the people of Pajottenland acknowledges this fact. Our hills and slopes partnered with the beautiful scenery that Pajottenland has to offer will truly make your cycling experience memorable, calming, and exciting. Aside from the amazing area that we have for cycling, we are also offering various services to cyclists and tourists in general.

Regular Competitions

Because of the geography that we have in Pajottenland, we are the usual place to go for cycling events. We are sponsoring numerous events on cycling throughout the year. From off-trail biking to road biking, we have them all for you. And these contests are available to all people from any part of the world. We welcome participants from Europe, Asia, and the US, just to name a few. You can rely on us to provide you with exciting events throughout the year. If you want to sign up as a participant, you can use voucher codes to get discounts on the registration on our competitions. Keep in mind that registration fees change depending on the difficulty and range of the competitions. Please send us your questions on the mechanics of the contests through our Contact Page.

Hotels and Inns

Pajottenland is one of the most visited destinations by tourists from every part of the world. To save money on reservations and bookings, we are currently talking to hotel and restaurant owners to help us in accommodating tourists and visitors. This is why we are now giving initial promo codes for foreigners and locals who are visiting Pajottenland for the very first time. Get special discounts on hotel rooms and selected meals.