Best Places in Belgium to Go Cycling

When you are in Belgium, one of the activities that you can pursue is cycling. The beautiful scenery and the amazing cycling routes make Belgium as a major place to go to when you want to see the world in from another perspective. Here are the best tourist destinations that you can visit if you want to go cycling in Belgium.

Pajottenland is the cycling paradise of Belgium. Locals and tourists alike endorse this region in west southwest of Brussels as the area to go to when biking. Its gently sloping hills and charming farmlands make the whole biking experience worth your while. If you will be coming from the Netherlands, you can save money on tickets if you use voucher codes and promo codes from our partner sites. We are offering direct flights from the Netherlands to Belgium with special discounts from our first-time costumers.

Gouden Carolus

bikeHave you heard of the famous Belgian beer? It is a very delicious drink to think that you will remember for the rest of your life. Cyclists who want to experience the finest Belgian beer around can take the Gouden Carolus route. Using this route, you will be starting with the Mechelen brewery where the popular beer caramel is made. Since you are taking this route for the sole purpose of the Belgian beer, you need to, at least, take a sample of the beer. As you go through the Mechelen route, prepare yourselves for beautiful landscapes and the breathtaking environment full of nature reserves.

Historic Route

If you want to go full throttle to learn the history of Belgium, you can choose the historic route which starts at Ypres. This is one of the locations of the Great War. It is also in this place where the Flanders Fields war Museum is located. You will see a lot of cemeteries in the area which include the Soldatenfriedhof, Tyne Cot, and Essex Farm. Take note of the historic footprint that the Great War left us through the remains and the still-standing structures that are seen in the area. The whole routes have a length of around forty-five kilometers in total.